Tifini Hartman

Tifini Hartman

Tifini began her journey in the beauty industry at the age of 18 where she worked as a receptionist in a full-service salon. After expressing her passion for make-up, she was given her first big opportunity in the industry and began working as the salon’s make-up artist. She always knew she wanted a career in the beauty industry, so she instantly valued the opportunity to grow as a make-up artist and word about her work spread quickly as she expanded a fresh clientele base that was all her own.

After two years of working as a makeup artist, her love for beauty and skincare continued to grow as she realized that the base to good makeup is good skin. At this point, she was ready to be more involved within the beauty industry and decided to go to skincare school. With her affection for make-up and her passion for brows in the forefront of her mind, she was shocked to discover that her true love in the beauty industry lies within healthy skin.

From that point forward she’s dedicated her craft to offering the best skincare and brow services possible. Upon graduating she spent sometime in the salon where she first got her big break, practicing her new skills and building upon her list of services. She also took the time to continue learning more about both brows and skincare as her list of clientele began to grow.


Through her independent studies she found a mentor in brow esthetician Kelley Baker, who trained her through a master brow course and still offers her guidance to this day. Tifini is honored to have found such a reliable connection within the industry and is a loyal Kelley Baker supporter. She even uses and sells Kelley Baker products in her own salon.

After moving from salon to salon for more than 6 years, Tifini had finally built a strong enough client base to branch out on her own and make her dreams of owning her own salon come true. Her salon, Beauty By Tifini, in Huntington Harbor has been open for almost one year now and her business is thriving with both new clients and services. Styled in an effortlessly chic way, the salon offers a modern yet comfortable feel and clients are greeted with a fresh cup of coffee or espresso while they pamper themselves.

Having her own salon has opened new opportunities for Tifini, and allows her to offer an even wider range of beauty services. She’s now a certified trainer for VI Peel and has also received her certification for microblading through Everlasting Brows. Her extensive list of services is a perfect fit for all your brow and skincare needs, and the results are simply beautiful to say the least.

Tifini loves everything about the beauty industry, and her passion for skincare and brows shows both in her work and in her loyal client base. People have been referred to her services from all over, both online and through word of mouth, but no matter how they hear about her they always seem to come back for more. 

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